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Southernmost Tip of Africa  
twooceansmeet Where two oceans collide in a wild display of tumultuous currents and jagged rocky edges you will find the southernmost tip of Africa.  The stone cairn christens the point where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet and people from all over the world journey to this area just so that they, at that moment, can be the southernmost person standing in this significant location. The strong winds and raw energy of the environment will make you feel like you are truly standing on the edge of the earth.
Cape Agulhas Lighthouse  
lighthouse You can find the candy-striped Cape Agulhas Lighthouse at the southernmost tip of Africa between L’Agulhas town and the Agulhas National Park. It was the third lighthouse erected in South Africa in 1848 and it is the second oldest lighthouse that is still operating. You can also climb up inside the Agulhas lighthouse and enjoy the panoramic view.
Swimming & Deep Sea Angling  
deapseaangling Visit the charming little Struisbaai Harbour. It is a small quaint little harbour with small fishing vessels dotted here and there. The harbour was originally built in 1959 and enlarged in 1990. It serves local fishing boats, known as 'chukkies' as well as ski boats for the flock of visitors that come to the town during the holiday season When you come into Struisbaai, Carry on past the Shopping Centre; through the four way stop street and go on for +- 1 km until you see the sign to the harbour. Struisbaai hosts several angling competitions annually like the Two Oceans Marlin Tournament, 5 Species Competition and Yellowtail Bonanza
Spookdraai Hiking Trail  
spookdraai Starting in the Spookdraai as one drives into L’Agulhas from Struisbaai, you run on the shoulder of the main road, following the clearly marked little white painted ghost signs. A tricky little rocky beach section, followed by gravel and a short dash across the main road leads you to the start of a 2.6km single track section up and over the mountain. The quad buster to the top of the ridge is rewarded with stunning views of the coastline, but make sure you look where you step, as the trail is tricky with lots of roots, eroded sandstone rock banks or the odd slithering critter. After ascending and descending a couple of small valleys, you finally drop down again to the main road below the mountain. It is possible to do the route both ways, so for a nice challenge turn around when you reach the end, and do it all over again in the opposite direction
Nature Reserves  

De Hoop Nature and Marine reserve, De Mond Nature Reserve and Heuningberg Nature Reserve are beautiful places to spend a day with the family.

Bird watching is also an attraction, with rare species including the endangered Blue Crane, Cape Vulture, Flamingo and African Black Oystercatcher.

The Flora ( Fynbos )  

The Cape Floral Region, Situated at the tip of Africa, this majestic floral kingdom is the only to be fully contained within a single country.

Incredibly it has the highest known concentration of plant species in the world, its nearest rival, the South American rain forest, has only one third the number of species. Even more remarkable is that 70 percent of the Cape’s impressive 9,600 plant species grow nowhere else on Earth. Fynbos has more diversity of species than a tropical rainforest. There are 9 000 species of fynbos occurring in the Cape area, and over 2 000 species on Table Mountain alone – which is more plant species than occur in the whole United Kingdom.

Whale Watching  
whalewatching Breaching, lobtailing, spyhopping and sailing are some the antics you can witness in these waters from July to December. The Southern Right Whales journey to the coastline of South Africa to mate, calve and, as many believe, to have some fun! The curious creatures have hearts to match their colossal size and their endearing nature is sure to steal yours.

The stretch of coast around the southernmost tip of Africa is known as the "Graveyard of Ships" for various reasons: gale-force winds, ever-changing weather conditions, high swells and the treacherous coast line, have caused numerous wrecks.

More than 125 of the approximately 2 130 ships that have been wrecked along the South African coast since 1552 are found along the Overberg coast, which covers a distance of approximately 100km.

Certain items from these wrecked ships such as figureheads, cannon, anchors, porcelain and rare coins can be viewed at the Shipwreck Museum in Bredasdorp. The museum is the only one of its kind in the country.

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February Two Oceans Marlin Tournament
March  Yellowtail Bonanza
5 Species Angling Tournament
May  Southern Tip Day 
June  Fynbos Flowers
Napier Patatfees
KykNet Wacky Wine Weekend 
July  Fynbos Flowers
Whales along the coast
Tip of Africa Endurance Ride 
August  Fynbos Flowers
Cape Floral Kingdom Expo
Whales along the coast 
September  Fynbos Flowers
Agri Mega Week
Whales along the coast
Grain Fields starting to change Colour
October  Foot of Africa Marathon and Festival
Wine Festivals
Mega Sport Classic Expo
Whales along the coast
Fynbos Flowers
Grain is Reaped 
November  Grain is Harvested
Whales along the coast
December  Trans-Agulhas Rubber DuckCompetition
Whales along the coast